When will my order ship?

Orders will ship same day or 1-3 business days after purchase. Our business days are Wednesday-Sunday. I know it's a little strange, but since we do so many markets on the weekends, I like to have a day off after. 


How should I wash my bikini?

Bikinis should always be hand washed and air dried for longevity. When I get back from the beach or the lake, I just grab my bikini and wash it in the shower when I shower, then just hang on a hook to dry. This method has allowed me to wear bikinis from the 70s to this day! However, Planet Sleaze bikinis may be washed in the machine with cool water, best to always air dry to preserve the elastic. They are very high quality materials, but continuous excessive heat can ruin the elasticity.

How should I wash my vintage transfer tees?

Vintage transfers are more delicate than modern screen prints or DTF transfers. There are two different kinds that I mostly work with: screen print transfers and vinyl transfers. Screen print transfers I've found are ok to put in the wash in a cool setting and a low tumble in the dryer. I have also accidentally washed them normal and they came out fine.. but I DO NOT recommend that method for the longevity of the image. Vinyl transfers wash cold in a delicate setting and air dry, sometimes they may even start to peel off if you put them in the dryer. Vinyl transfers are the ones that always crack and have that classic vintage look. Not that screen prints and screen print transfers don't eventually crack, the vinyl ones just always do more quickly. Remember these transfers have been sitting around for 50 + years, take care of them if you want them to last <3

How should I wash my vintage?

Vintage depends on the fabric, but to play it safe, wash in a gentle cycle and tumble dry or air dry. Sometimes pieces will have the original washing instruction attached. I always recommend researching the fabric and going from there.

Do you print all the shirts?

I do! Well, 99% of what I have in stock. I will absolutely include in the item description that I printed it. If it doesn't say I did, then I found it like that.

Are you a "one woman show" ?

This may seem like a silly thing to include on here, but I get asked this all the time! Yes, it is just me :) I really appreciate your support! Occasionally someone will help me with markets or some online stuff that I don't understand haha 

Can I exchange or return my order?

Sure! I accept returns and exchanges. Read our policy

What kind of prints do you do?

I have been doing mainly heat transfers and I am currently also screen printing. The vintage transfers are all different, but mostly screen print transfers and vinyl. The screen print transfers were made by screen printing the image onto a special paper and then setting it onto the garment with a heat press. Vinyl ones are a little different, they're the ones that kinda look like a big sticker and they normally get the cracks in them... that vintage look. For the Planet Sleaze Originals I've been using DTF transfers. They feel a little thick like screen printing, but over time the ink softens up without losing its color. I've tried some other kinds, like sublimation, but this one seems like the longer lasting way. Next up are some screen printed tees! I'll update after I get the hang of it :)

How should I wash my PS Originals shirts? 

The DTF transfers can go in the wash, no problem, as always best to tumble dry or air dry. If you forget to pull them out every once in a while, it's no big deal. Same goes with screen printing really, It's up to you! Do you like the colors to stay vibrant or do you like the worn in look? The heat is was mostly will "damage" the image, honestly I just throw them in the wash in a cool mode, and then do a low tumble.