Planet Sleaze is the brainchild of Macarena Rivera. Since Macarena was a young thing down in Mar del Plata, Argentina, she always had an eye for fashion. Her mother was a seamstress and frequently sewed outfits that little Macarena would design for herself. Little did her mother know that by enabling young Macarena to pick her own clothes and plan her own outfits, she was paving Macarena’s future passion.

Further down the line Macarena and her mother moved to California from Argentina, where her mother met her now husband. He showed Macarena the world of picking and thrifting. After being introduced to secondhand and vintage, the world of fashion completely changed for Macarena. She began to look at clothing not just for what it was, but for it could be and what it represented. Each piece had a story and a future. An oversized jumpsuit could become a dress, a tube top, and a pair of pants all in one. A pair of leather shorts could change a girls night out to a night of mischief and debauchery.

As many of you may have experienced, shopping can be quite a drag: especially when you feel like nothing fits. Being the shopaholic that she was, Macarena would still buy the treasures that didn’t quite fit and stash them in the back of the closet and say, “it’ll fit someday.” In early 2016 she realized that this hoarding wasn’t fair to others and pretty much came to terms with the fact that that pair of snakeskin pants were not going to fit, ever! Hoarding these gems was a complete and utter sin and somebody needed to give them a night on the town. Planet Sleaze made its debut in an App called “Depop” as a way to clear Macarena’s closet.

Due to the success on “Depop”, Macarena began buying goods not just for herself, but for others to enjoy. As she began buying and picking, she made sure to include all sizes for men, women, and unisex items. Macarena had been different sizes in her life, she knew the pain and struggle of finding clothes that fit perfectly. Planet Sleaze strives to have a variety of fits and looks, we can all share a little bit of ourselves in our everyday outfits because fashion is not just for people that fit the model sizes. Our vintage goods are anything that catches our eye and that is pre Y2K. Aside from clothing, shoes, and accessories, you will also find home items from all around the world and different decades.

A few months after the Depop came the Etsy shop, and then an Instagram account. Now we’re here! Planet Sleaze’s very own site! Thank you for visiting and getting to know a little history about Planet Sleaze..